LS Crank Pin Kit W/ New Bolt and Install Tool


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LS Crank Pin Kit
Stock LS crank pulleys do not have any kind of keyway to keep the crank pulley from spinning on the crankshaft. This is fine for stock applications, but for supercharged, or high horsepower applications the crank needs to be pinned to prevent slipping.
Our crank pin kit comes with the following:
1 Steel drill guide
1 Drill bit
4 Hardened dowel pins
1 Bolt to secure drill guide
1 New Crank Bolt
1 Crank pulley install tool
Only 1 pin is needed, but we provide extras to do multiple cranks, or you can add an extra pin to your crank for peace of mind.
LS crank bolts are 1 time use only. We sell other kits without new crank bolts. We also offer crank pulley puller tools. Check out our other items you may, or may not need to perform this modification.


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