LS Heavy Duty Belt Tensioner and water pump idler bracket Camaro/F body Spacing


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A common problem with supercharged LS engines is belt slip. Most kits use the factory tensioner which does an ok job in low boost and low RPM situations, but if you want to go beyond that you will need a heavy duty belt tensioner, and more belt wrap. Our LS heavy duty belt tensioner kit eliminates belt slip in all but the most extreme situations.

·       LS1 Camaro F body spacing Heavy Duty automatic belt tensioner kit

·       Eliminates slip associated with supercharged and high performance applications

·       Bolts to the passenger side head

·       Includes Billet Tensioner bracket, Heavy duty tensioner, pulley, water pump bracket, idler pulley, and all required hardware to install

·       Tensioner bracket is indexable and provides 6 different mounting locations.

.       Belt not included. Due to indexable feature you must measure your belt length for your specific application.


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