LS1 F Body Alternator/Power steering Bracket Kit

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This Kit is a Billet replacement bracket kit for LS1 Camaro power steering, and alternator.

·       F body Camaro Power steering bracket/alternator bracket combo kit. For Camaro LS1 belt spacing.

·       Mounts the alternator and power steering pump in the factory LS1 Camaro locations

·       Includes Power Steering bracket, alternator bracket, rear alternator brace, and smooth idler pulley.

·       To be used with 1998-2002 Camaro LS1 power steering pump, and alternator

·       Can be used with truck alternators as well, but may require 3/4 inch longer belt

·       Requires factory LS1 Camaro belt part number 790k6, LS1 Camaro Power steering pump part number 19320094, and power steering pulley part number 12559885

·       On truck engines with only 1 alternator mounting hole you will be required to drill and tap a 2nd M10-1.5MM hole in the engine block. Use our drill at tap kit found in our tools section

3 reviews for LS1 F Body Alternator/Power steering Bracket Kit

  1. Justin Sonick (verified owner)

    Very high quality parts

  2. Tyler (verified owner)

    Top notch quality, fit is perfect, looks awesome, nice and compact for my LS swapped Miata, will buy again!

  3. Taylor Hillhouse (verified owner)

    Amazing built piece, everything needed was included.

    Ended up having to return because my application didn’t allow me to run it.

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