LS1 F Body Spacing Corvette Alternator and Power Steering Bracket Kit


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Our LS1 Corvette Bracket is CNC machined from 1 solid piece of Billet aluminum to make it one of the strongest brackets on the market. This Bracket kit will not flex and bend like cheaper plate and spacer designs. Corvette Brackets are really popular for classic car and hot rod swaps because it places both the alternator and power steering bracket high on the drivers side. Eliminating clearance issues with sub frames and steering boxes.

This Corvette Bracket is for LS1 F Body belt spacing. We offer this kit in LS1 Corvette and Truck spacing’s as well. Check out our other items for more Corvette brackets.
Includes the following: Billet bracket, idler pulley, and all required hardware to install.
Requires the following to complete installation:
LS1 Camaro crank pulley PN: 12553118
LS1 Corvette power steering pump and pulley PN: 12559890 & 25960709
LS1 Camaro water pump, and belt tensioner.
If you want to use a bracket mounted reservoir you will also need the following.
Reservoir PN: 26046502
Reservoir bracket PN: 12555222
Hose PN: 15907878
Any NON Corvette/CTSV/G8/2010+ Camaro alternator will bolt onto the bracket without modification. The bracket is drilled to accept a Corvette bolt pattern style alternator, but
modification/grinding will need to be done to the bracket to make it fit.
Requires a remote mount power steering fluid reservoir
Serpentine belt for small case alternators: k060792
Serpentine belt for large case alternators: k060795
Made in the USA


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