LSA 6 Rib Accessory Drive For Truck Belt Spacing

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LSA 6 rib accessory drive system for LS truck belt spacing.
Our LSA Belt drive system uses your existing LS truck Accessories. No need to buy an 8 rib system to use your LSA supercharger.
This system has more belt wrap than any other system available on the market.
We use 1/2 thick billet aluminum to construct this system. Which provides the strongest assembly available. No need to worry about flexing, or throwing belts.

This system is only recommended for vehicles using the stock supercharger pulley. If you plan to use a smaller pulley, or rev over 6200 RPM you will need our BD15 kit with heavy duty belt tensioner. We sell the tensioner and bracket system separately if you wish to upgrade later.

No throttle body spacer needed to clear factory 4 bolt DBW throttle bodies.
Parts not included that are required to run this kit.
Belt tensioner, serpentine belt, factory truck accessories, and crank pulley. Due to the various combinations of pulleys, intake spacers etc… We recommend installing the kit and measuring the belt specific for your application. We offer manual belt tensioners if you do not want to run a factory spring loaded tensioner.
If using a gen3 water pump you will need to trim, or bend your water outlet slightly to clear the bypass valve. Gen4 water pumps clear as is.
You will need to pin your crank if installing an LSA supercharger as well. Check out our tools section for LS crank pin kits.

3 reviews for LSA 6 Rib Accessory Drive For Truck Belt Spacing

  1. Matt Brown (verified owner)

    I’m still working on the truck and haven’t ran it yet but everything looks really nice and the alignment seems perfect. Easy to put together and very sturdy. I’m building a 71 C10 with a 6.0, LS3 heads, LSA blower, and a T56. I measured and came up with 112.5 for the belt, directions say subtract 1 1/8 in. But what worked for me was a 109.75 inch belt after buying and returning 4. Dayco part number 5061098 at advance auto. Hope this helps someone. If you’re using adapter plates on cathedral port heads, you might need a longer belt as my blower sits directly on the heads.

  2. ivan_kemp (verified owner)

    Great communication and customer service. Nice, thick aluminum brackets and spacers, easy to follow instructions, fits perfect. Only note is I’m running a 103mm cable throttle body and had to clearance the bracket a little for the TPS.

  3. Lance Draeger

    This system works great. Heavy duty construction, great fit and finish, and amazing customer service!

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