LSA 6 Rib F Body Accessory Drive For Truck Belt Spacing

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Our LSA Belt drive system uses your existing LS1 power steering pump and alternator. No need to buy an 8 rib system to use your LSA supercharger. This system moves the stock LS1 power steering pump/alternator out to truck spacing.

Our system has more belt wrap than any other system available on the market.

We use Billet aluminum brackets to construct this system. Which provides the strongest assembly available. No need to worry about flexing, or throwing belts.

Kit comes with a billet HD tensioner bracket, and HD belt tensioner. No more belt slip issues associated with other kits on the market. Our HD tensioner bracket has 6 indexable positions to accommodate various belt lengths

No throttle body spacer needed to clear factory 4 bolt DBW throttle bodies.

Kit includes the following:

  • power steering bracket, alternator bracket, HD tensioner bracket and HD tensioner, double idler bracket, and all associated hardware/idler pulleys.
  • Parts not included that are required to run this kit.
  • Factory LS1 Camaro power steering pump, and LS1 Camaro alternator
  • TRUCK crank pulley. This kit is not compatible with LS1 crank pulleys.
  • Truck water pump, or LS3 Camaro water pump

If you are using an engine block with only 1 lower alternator mount hole you will also need our alternator mount drill and tap kit. LSX Innovations part number DT10

Due to the various combinations of pulleys, intake spacers etc… We recommend installing the kit and measuring the belt specific for your application.

If using a Gen3 water pump you will need to trim, or bend your water outlet slightly to clear the bypass valve. Gen4 pumps require rotating the boost bypass solenoid, or removing it completely.

We stock a variety of LSA swap parts. Check out our LSA section for intake adapters, solid isolators, crank pin kits, and vacuum plugs.

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