LS Brackets

LS alternator brackets and LS power steering brackets are probably the 2nd most discussed and needed item during and LS swap. We are constantly adding new LS alternator brackets and power steering brackets to our product line. A lot of LS swaps require the use of aftermarket LS accessory brackets due to clearance issues. The Billet aluminum LS brackets we offer are some of the strongest, and best looking available. We CNC machine all of our LS alternator and power steering accessory brackets to guarantee fit form and function for your LS swap. We offer LS brackets for all 3 belt spacing's (Corvette, Camaro/Fbody, and Truck/2010+ Camaro)

We offer LS alternator, power steering, air conditioning, and LSA accessory drives to cover just about any LSA swap.

In addition to alternator and power steering bracket we also offer LS AC brackets for Sanden s508, SD5, and SD7 compressors. All of these LS AC compressor brackets come with out heavy duty belt tensioner to avoid belt slipping under load. They are also made from billet aluminum so they will not flex and bend like other cheap versions out on the market.

If you are not sure which LS alternator and power steering accessory brackets you need feel free to send us an email with your setup, and we will help you figure out the best LS accessory bracket setup for your vehicle.

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