Oil Port Adapters

The lack of oil pressure ports available to feed a turbo system, oil pressure gauges and oil temperature gauges is an LS engine swap issue that often gets overlooked in the beginning. Factory engine blocks have no provisions to accept a standard NPT fitting, making it a common issue that needs to be worked around.

Don’t wait, as many do, until you have all of LS swap parts out and ready to go, only to realize that there isn’t a way to hook up the oil pressure gauge. Without connecting the oil pressure gauge you will have no way of knowing if your LS engine is functioning properly. Get around this problem with the LSX Innovation LS oil cooler adapters. We have a variety to choose from, making it easy to fit any combination of ports that you might need for your specific LS swap.

All of the oil cooler adapters at LSX Innovations have been CNC machined for precision. They also come standard, just like GM designed them, with a factory-style gasket to ensure a leak-free seal. Oil cooler block off plates and several combinations of metric and NPT threaded ports are available.

LS oil cooler adapters can feed a single or twin turbo system. They are also ideal for plumbing LS engine oil pressure gauges. Unlike other oil cooler adapters on the market, ours at LSX Innovations use an actual gasket instead of poorly designed O rings. The pockets on our oil cooler adapters are also three times larger than others you will find on the market. This ensures that your engine will never be deprived of the oil it needs, especially when moving at high RPMs.

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