LS Billet Aluminum Alternator Pulley 2.85 Diameter

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Large Diameter 2.85  6 groove LS alternator pulley only. (Stock Diameter is 2.25)
Keeps the alternator charging all the way to 7450RPM engine to stop voltage drop in high RPM racing.
Spins the alternator at 17,900 RPM at 7450 engine RPM (max alternator limit is 18,000)

Billet Aluminum alternator pulley for LS alternators

Fits LS alternators with .660 diameter shafts.

Our Pulleys are CNC machined in the USA from aircraft grade Billet aluminum
The max RPM limit of factory LS alternators is 18000 alternator RPM. This is fine until you start building engines that exceed factory RPM. Once the alternator reaches is max RPM it stops charging and your voltage drops from 14.4 to 12v. Causing a reduction in fuel pump performance and injector performance at the top end. Our oversized alternator pulley solves this issue.
Note: Idle charging performance will be reduced with the oversize alternator pulley and caution is advised. Idle RPM may need to be increased in heavy stop and go situations or long idle situations.
We offer a variety of other power steering, alternator, idler, and tensioner pulleys for LS applications. Check out our Ebay store for more Billet pulleys

1 review for LS Billet Aluminum Alternator Pulley 2.85 Diameter

  1. F.U.P.A. Motorsports (verified owner)

    Beautiful piece and perfect fit, will definitely be ordering more for future builds.

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