AC Brackets

Summer heat killing you? Pair your Sanden SD5 and 508 AC compressors with our LS AC brackets to beat the heat.

We offer three LS AC brackets that pair with three different LS engine belt spacings. All of our brackets are designed around the Sanden SD5 and 508 7 groove AC compressor, and each kit has been precision CNC machined to ensure accuracy.

Each of our kits bolt easily to your Sanden SD5 or 508 compressor, located on the passenger side head of your LS engine. This will keep the brackets out of the way. Most factory AC compressors mount to the bottom of the engine, where they often hit the frame. To get around this, you have to either cut and re-weld the engine crossmember, or mount an aftermarket AC compressor somewhere else on the LS engine. By using our LS swap AC compressor brackets you can avoid this common and irritating issue.

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